Travel Gear Must Haves: Fisher Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard (Dock a Tot optional)

Update!! We have used it twice now, and it’s awesome. We took it to Paris and Florida, checked it like a regular bag. We even fit the dock a tot in the bag it goes in! I don’t think it would fit if the infant sleeper was also packed in there. 
First, I have to say we have never used it to travel with, yet.

 We just transitioned our son from co-sleeping with us using a Dock a Tot and sidecar crib to his own crib detached from our bed. We are leaving for Paris in a month, so I had to find something that would be easily portable and safe for him to sleep in on his own as they wanted 90 euro a week to use their pack n play! 😳 Going back to bed sharing would ruin all of our progress of sleeping on his own, so I did some research and found this lovely travel cot for under 90 euro (I got it for $89)! This bad boy was the cheapest I found with the best features! I was looking at the Baby Bjorn, and while it is all organic, non-toxic, etc it is also almost triple the cost. If that is something that is very important to you, I would recommend checking that one out.

For us the short term use has as pretty ok with the materials it’s made of and this one has an infant sleeper attachment! That’s right, infant sleeper attachment!! It’s also inclined which is awesome for reflux babies, like our son. You can put your baby on the bottom level too, but I don’t like really little babies near the drafty ground. 

Weighing only 13 lbs with everything in the storage bag that has both a handle and shoulder strap this travel play yard is impressive. That means with the frame, mattress, infant sleeper attachment and the diaper changing mat and caddy all packed in the handy bag it comes in you can easily carry it and baby, check it on its own or even put it in your big suitcase!!

It just pops right open, clicks to tell you it is locked in place, drop the mattress in, do up the velcro straps and done! Or if you want to use the infant sleeper snap it into the top 4 corners, put the cushion on and voila! Just as easy to fold back up and put away.

Despite being light weight it is very sturdy. Our son is pretty big for 15 months, and I am not worried about him tipping it over at all. 

The mattress has a pretty good thickness, not that different from our home pack n play. The foot print of the bottom isn’t much smaller either. It takes standard play yard sheets. 

Basically, I wish I would have known about this guy sooner because I would have used it at home for nap time with that inclined infant sleeper, and killed two birds with one stone!  

I’m really excited to use this bad boy, and let you all know how Paris went with our 1 yr old. He will be meeting one of my best friends for the first time😁 

**the dock a tot pictured is the larger Grand size. Our son is 32.5″ tall and 15 months old.  

Leave a comment! Let me know what you guys think or if you have any questions. 


4 thoughts on “Travel Gear Must Haves: Fisher Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard (Dock a Tot optional)

  1. Thank you so much for your info! I have the hubs almost talked into it!

    Where are y’all moving?! We bought a dilapidated painted lady a few years ago that is so much fun, but a ton of work!


    1. It will be so much fun!! He has to say yes!! We’ve never left our little guy behind on our travels together, and have never regretted it.

      But I know husbands, I’ve been trying to talk mine into letting us go to Japan with him. The language barrier has him saying no every time. Guess I need to learn Japanese!

      We are moving back to Indiana. Northside of Indianapolis. Our Chicago friends who have never been think we are crazy, but we are from there and the area is the opposite of cornfields and tractors. Our, hopefully, new place is a Victorian townhouse, and we are super excited to breathe some life into it! Previous owner was an old woman who really liked Wedgwood patterns, painted all of the ceilings blue and added an insane amount of cheap shelving to EVERY room. We close Feb 28, but won’t move in until April. Giving ourselves some time to do some work before furniture arrives:)


  2. I’m intrigued to hear how your trip went.

    I just found your blog and I absolutely love it.

    We are thinking about taking our 18 month old to Venice and Paris with us this summer, but I’m worried about how she will do with jet lag and adjusting to a new time zone



    1. Hi Cassidy! Thank you!!

      You should definitely take your little girl with you! We had a good vacation despite a trip to the emergency room for a double ear infection our little guy got about a week and half into our trip, and getting the call that my grandfather had passed away 😦 I will be posting soon on Paris with our bambino. It was definitely our most challenging city. Not what I would call baby friendly, but with the right equipment and a good home base it is definitely worth it!

      I have not been to Venice with our little, but it is one place I know I could not enjoy on my own with him. With the city setup it would definitely be hubby back-wearing him because even at 17 months he’s too heavy for me to wear, and not very stroller friendly. Hmmm Venice really has me thinking. I guess depending on the plans of the day our babyjogger city tour stroller would be pretty easy to use. I could wear it like a backpack while hubby wore our son… it’s definitely doable, but with the population of Venice being mostly old people and the very wealthy, it’s not as baby easy as the rest of Italy. I have a bachelors in Italian so I’m always a proponent of going to Italy, but Venice would definitely have me setting an itinerary each day. Vicenza is not far and one of my favorite Italian cities. If I were to do Venice con bambino, I would stay in Vicenza and do a day trip or two to Venice. We spend a lot of time in Veneto as my best friend (the one who lives in Paris now) is from the region. I love the entire region and have lots of suggestions on other amazing cities and things to do:)

      Jet lag, ahhhh she hit us hard this time. We were across from some less than ideal fellow passengers. Sebastian took 4 days to fully adjust this time. It didn’t change our trip really as he is a good stroller sleeper, and I’m a night owl. France has a pretty late night cultural in comparison to the US too, so it was more convenient that he stayed up for the later dinner. When we went out with friends we were usually eating until 10pm. When we got home he fit perfectly into our schedule bc he has an awesome airplane routine and schedule. This helps us immensely traveling. I should probably write something entirely on getting down an airplane schedule. But it really just developed from his constant flying. He just did flight 14 this last week. But if you can get her to stay up for the take off and service until the lights go down, and then have her sleep the rest of the flight you shouldn’t have too big a problem. Ireland took us all only 1 day to adjust. Sadly, our flight to Paris had a constant crier and then across the row a vomiter who were waking us every hour or two:/ I felt bad for both of them, but the disrupted sleep didn’t help us out very much.

      I’ll try to write about Paris very soon! We are in the process of buying a new house and moving out of state, so I’m running around like a chicken with her head cut off these days!!


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