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We’ve been crazy busy here the past 30 days. We got back from Paris to immediately fly to Florida because my grandfather passed away after Christmas. We stayed a little longer to help my grandma settle into her new life. They were married for 56 years, and she has never lived alone:( 

Anyway, I wanted to at least post something about our trip, and I thought I would share our new stroller that made Paris soooooo much easier! The new Babyjogger City Tour. 

So Paris is narrow and small. Yes, I know it’s a “big” city, but for strollers it is small. The restaurants, cafes, doorways, walkways, crowds, it’s all narrow and small. This stroller has a tiny footprint. It’s also light weight, easy to fold and compact which is important for the train and all of the stairs in the city. Just because there is an elevator doesn’t mean there aren’t still stairs for you to tackle. This stroller makes that navigation a lot easier. It has a good recline (6 months +) and our son napped for hours in if. Also, the basket is pretty big for a compact stroller:) 
I will say it’s the hardest of all of my strollers to push, but this is because of the narrow frame. It’s worth the extra effort (which really isn’t bad, I could one hand push still) for the narrow frame and small footprint. 

The rain cover was also the worst of all my strollers. It took my son just barely nudging it to pop the bottom open. It didn’t let a lot of rain in, but it would be better if it attached better on bottom. 

The backpack feature is cool, but hubby mostly just carried it by side for a quick up or down. Was nice for the gate check, though. Also, good for the train bc we just held our son until we got back outside the station. 

The price is awesome in comparison to other compacts, but if this was my first travel stroller purchase I might opt for the new babyzen yo yo+ despite the much higher price. The City Tour is 6 months+ and the new Yo yo+ is newborn friendly with reversible seat and a bassinet option even<3 However, my babyjogger Vue lite would have been ok in Paris and has a bassinet insert, reversible seat and much lower price tag. But that Yo yo+ has me gaga, and I saw it everywhere in Paris. Definitely worth also checking out! 

Note we did a lot of walking and touring during nap and bed time:) LOUVRE DURING NAP TIME!! We got 2 1/2 hrs in with him sound asleep and then switched to babywearing. 

Buon Viaggio Amici!! 


5 thoughts on “Babyjogger City Tour

  1. Oh man I feel you. I have the Xplory, City mini gt, Vue lite and now the City Tour. My husband was seriously like wtf?! When I came home with the City Tour he wanted me to take it back. I obviously didn’t, lol, but he loved having it! I use all of my strollers, I really do, because they all do different things. Like City Tour or Xplory in Ireland would have been a nightmare! The City mini gt was perfect and it goes to all of my brothers university cross country meets, picnics, any terrain it tackles and it’s smaller than a cumbersome jogger. Reverse that and City mini gt would have been a nightmare in Paris! It wouldn’t have fit through crowds easily, doorways, Carrying up and down the metro. City tour was perfect. You will basically only see the compact/umbrella strollers, The small bugaboo and the Stokke Xplory in the center of Paris. But God bless your hubs if he wants to lug the Xplory there bc it can’t gate check. The City mini I saw some other Americans with, and would be better, but umbrella or compact would be sooooo much easier to carry. You will end up carrying it more than desired:/ That’s how I would appeal to the hubs!

    The babyzen yo yo+ is awesome. I was actually pregnant before we left for Paris, but we lost our baby. I would have put that stroller on the registry. If you plan on having another and don’t have a compact already I would get the yo yo+!

    Also, strollers cut the line at the Louvre, so take the babe in a stroller!!!!! Have fun!!!


    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. We’ve had some fertility issues, so my thoughts and prayers are with you.

      You’ve had a rough month!

      Thanks for your advice on the stroller!


      1. Thank you, it was very unexpected as everything was very healthy just 2 days before at the appointment and ultrasound to confirm I was safe for travel. We decided to head to Paris despite some concerns from my doctor, and I’m very glad we did. You will not regret your trip:)


      2. Ok I don’t know if you have purchased something already, but I’m have a lot of struggle with pushing this stroller now. 27 lbs 34 1/2 inches tall makes the one hand push impossible and the two hand even takes some serious effort. On sidewalk it’s not terrible, but anything with even a slight resistance (like high traffic carpet found in convention centers😑) had me really giving it some muscle. I think it’s the super narrow wheel framing. Bash’s feet can kick the front wheel lock area too, so the next growth spurt it will be the actual wheels. Not ideal.


  2. Omg! I love this! I’m so excited for June to get here!!

    Do you think the Baby Zen is worth the extra money?

    We already have a Stokke Xplory and a Baby Jogger City Mini. The hubs is pretty adamant that we do not need another stroller. 🙄🙄🙄


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