Saint Augustine, FL our European escape right here in the US

So, I haven’t posted on St. Augie yet despite our many trips because, well, it was always our little secret. The European City right here in the US my family has gone to since before I was born, but the cats finally out of the bag. The last few years the city has changed a lot and the crowds are bigger, but it’s still a fantastic vacation spot with something for everyone. 

We are big history buffs. I like the beach for a day or two, but that’s all the relaxation my brain needs. Many beach vacation spots in Florida don’t have much to offer beyond the boardwalk. This is not the case in Saint Augustine. Ponce de Leon landed here in search of the fountain of youth, and with him came the Castillo de San Marcos, Spanish architecture and the charm that makes the city so wonderful. Henry Flagler saw the wonder here too and made it a popular vacation spot in the 1880s and beyond. His beautiful hotels are now part of the Flagler College campus and open for tours. When the littles need to release some energy take them to Swing Park. The park has two sections, one for little kids and one for bigger kids. It also has a great covered area with tables and benches, a nice place to stop and nurse out of the sun.

If you are more into the beaches and nature, you won’t be disappointed either. The beaches have nice white soft sand and good shells can be found by the early bird. Anastasia state park is beautiful, has some secluded beach areas and a light house you can tour. The St. John’s farmers market is held in a lovely park with beach access. Grab some local treats and have a brunch right out on the beach. About an hours drive south in the winter months and you can see manatees up close where they stay in the warmer water until spring comes. 

The kids will have plenty to keep them occupied on rainy or non-beach days. The Ripley’s believe it or not museum has sites of wonder for all ages. The Alligator Farm seems to have more birds than alligators now, but it’s definitely worth visiting. They also have a zip line for older kids and adults. We have not done it, both of us don’t handle heights well. The pirate museum and wax museum are also a good choice for families.

We will hopefully be heading back down there before the springbreakers because we really can’t get enough of this Colonial Spanish city just a 2 HR flight from Chicago. 


5 thoughts on “Saint Augustine, FL our European escape right here in the US

  1. Good luck with the inspection! Our house was in such bad shape that we didn’t even get an inspection!

    It’s amazing now though!

    I love the name Augustine, but totally understand the backlash. We got a lot of backlash over Gianna’s name, and I’m second generation Sicilian on both sides.

    Also, who doesn’t enjoy a good wine tasting?

    Thanks for all of your info!

    Hopefully the inspection goes well and nothing major is wrong!!


    1. Hope the inspection went well!

      Talked the hubs into visiting St Augustine in a few weeks! He has a 3 day weekend and it’s only a 3 hour drive from us!


  2. We may have to make the trek to St. Augustine. We live in Savannah, GA, so this seems like it is right up our alley!

    Where do you get your son’s clothes? He always looks so stylish! Haha we are hoping for a boy next, but I’ve never seen anything like what you put Sebastian in! Granted, I’m not really looking yet haha


    1. Thanks! I’m really into searching for cute boy clothes because it’s so much harder than girls. I find a lot of stuff on zulily (even though it takes forever to get in the mail), I live for a good Janie and Jack sale, Gymboree and Instagram mom-shops. Target has a new line called Cat and Jack that’s pretty darn cute! A lot of his hats are from there, but they don’t make 24 month clothes so sadly I can’t get their pants or shirts.

      I’ve never been to Savannah, but it has been on my list forever! You should definitely do a trip to St. Augustine. We want to get a vacation beach house there someday, and for me to say I want a beach house is big because I don’t really like beach vacations. We just really love it there. My parents are there right now and I’m super jealous. If I wasn’t busy with the house inspection, we would be there. We almost named Sebastian Augustine, but I got a ton of backlash from friends and family about being born in August and also having a name with August in it🙄 But San Sebastian winery is there on the San Sebastian river, and if you like wine it’s a must. The tour is nice and it’s baby friendly:) If you end up going let me know I have food recommendations bc there are definitely some tourist trap duds that have popped up the last couple of years, but there are also some really awesome new places.

      We are driving to my parents currently for our house inspection tomorrow. This inspection better go smooth tomorrow morning because this late night drive+little sleep+major house problems will make me a terrible person to deal with. So fingers crossed no mold, no rotted wood, no water damage etc. It’s in pretty good shape from what it looks like to my untrained eye. sSe took really good care of it despite her horrible taste in home decor, so we should be ok. Still nervous though!


      1. Hope the inspection went well!

        Talked the hubs into visiting St Augustine in a few weeks! He has a 3 day weekend and it’s only a 3 hour drive from us!


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