Alert!!Great deal on a great travel stroller option!

Ok, so I’m getting ready to get dressed to then pick up our sitter so we can go out for our anniversary, 3 yrs!! Yay!! But I got this in the mail today and I had to share. I’m literally copy and pasting my insta post, sorry, but I had to share asap so you guys can get in on the deal!! The soft pram insert is already hard to find I’ve discovered, so if you are considering this stroller and want that feature might get to it! 

I’m so stoked about this deal that I had to share! One of the ways we plan on solving our two babes in strollers with one being a pretty large dude (22 months and just look😳) for his age is to just use two singles. We decided to get a second of our favorite and easiest stroller. This was by far our Baby Jogger Vue Lite. Well, when looking for a great deal on a second one, I came across its big brother the Vue on sale for $78!!!!!! This is originally a $200 umbrella stroller. They are discontinuing this amazing stroller!☹️But it means great deals for us!! All the reasons I love the Vue lite are on my blog, but this one comes with all that and even more features (bigger tires, included cup holder, head hugger, calve rest in front) and a more padded bigger seat perfect for a bigger toddler. I think it only weighs like 4 lbs more. Not even noticeable to me at this point carrying a 31 lb toddler around while pregnant. Sebastian immediately enjoyed the front leg rest that is lacking on his lite version. For $78 this is a total steal!! Like the lite it has optional car seat adapters (on an umbrella stroller!!) but I don’t think we will get them this time either. Still can take a pram pack, but it’s pretty enclosed for a small baby when parent facing. We might even just check two of these at the gate instead of a double for our trips!😱 I’m just so amazed at this stroller and the deal I got on it! Definitely check it out mommas and papas before they are all gone! The Vue lite is still a great choice too btw😊 #momlife #strollersnob #babyjogger #travelingwithbaby #beststroller #bestumbrellastroller #travelingmom

Buon Viaggio!! Baci!! 😙😙

5 thoughts on “Alert!!Great deal on a great travel stroller option!

  1. We took the city mini gt. But we mostly wore Gia. She’s 28 pounds at 18 months, so I completely feel you on having a huge kid. Venice really isn’t suited for strollers, and people were so annoyed in Paris that I just wanted one less thing to worry about.

    I told hubs that I want an entourage when we add one, but he can’t get on board with the price tag because “we already have a crazy expensive stroller.”


    1. Baby wearing is definitely easier as long as it’s hubby when you want to try on clothes! Lol. We used the little city tour so the stroller fit right in with all of yo yo baby strollers pushed around Paris. Bash is too big for me to wear:/ I’m very thin, so even the weight of pushing the double with two kids scares me and my husband. With Bash, the 30 lb stroller, diaper bag and 9 lb to however big Fitz gets with Bash still riding too I am getting really close to my own body weight in pushing and managing down hill. Losing my babes down hill scares the crap out of me, but the bigger heavier strollers are actually easier to push more weight (like the double bob is super easy to push!) but then it’s a huge heavy to lift stroller! Lol. I just really hate double stroller shopping. The xplory plus the sibling board will hopefully work well. We will probably start checking that if it’s Europe and Bash does well with the board. A cheaper double umbrella will probably end up in garage after 6 months too.


  2. Tried to convince the hubs. He’s still not on board with an additional stroller. Men. 🙄🙄🙄 what a fantastic deal though!

    What stroller are you looking at for doubles? Or are you avoiding a double altogether?


    1. Omg double strollers suck soooo bad! I thought I would be in love with the bugaboo donkey (even with the high price), but Bash was too tall for the seat already, and the weight limit is only 35 lbs! Bash weighed 30.7 lbs when I took him to the walk in clinic a month ago! Then, I’m afraid he will be done with the double stroller all together by 3, and a sibling board is all we will need. The only thing holding me back with just getting the board is the trips where he might want to sit/nap (Disney, Europe) and winter. In winter the wind shield and footmuffs are nice for warmth even for the bigger toddlers and there is no fear of them slipping on ice trying to keep up walking. I’ve tried pretty much everything at buy buy baby. I really want to try the Austlen Entourage, the mountain buggy duet and the maclaren twin techno, but can’t find them in a store to try. I like that austlen and mountain buggy can both be singles with extra storage and have a really cool ride along option. Maclaren folds nice and small for a double so not so annoying to have around when we only need a single and ride along board. If I had to choose something that I’ve tried at buy buy baby it would probably be the double city mini gt and getting a bassinet for it. But, it is really freaking heavy and bulky, and it is always a big huge double that I might not even need most of the time. Or I would get the much cheaper joovy too caboose ultralight bc it is only 23 lbs, would at least hold my nice infant seat for the baby, it is more of 1 1/2 instead of double size and I wouldn’t be spending big bucks on something we might not use for long. So really I have no idea! Lol. I know what I don’t like, but that’s about it! 😅😂


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