Forgot to post an update on baby Fitz!

Well, as I said in the announcement “Dec 2 (or sometime around there😉)” the new due date for Fitz is Nov 27. Hubs was in Japan for a bit, so I knew exactly when the conception happened, and figured Dec 2 was not accurate. I know I ovulate almost immediately after my cycle, but didn’t want to argue with the Dr. I knew the post 20 weeks ultrasound would clear that up😊. Although, he was still arguing for his date after that with both the ultrasound tech and me🙄 Love him, but come onnnn it’s 2017 doc, the computer and my own cycle calendar know!!! Plus an over 100 percentile baby for Dec 2 is terrifying. 

So we are going with November 27th and 97 percentile. I have a marginal/partial placenta previa (I had a dream/nightmare about this causing me to need a c/s when I first found out I was pregnant actually😳), so my next appointment in the next few weeks will be an ultrasound to check if the uterus stretching helped it go up. Haven’t had any other indications of it, so hopefully that means it really is very very marginal. Even with all of the tearing Bash caused, I’d rather have a vaginal birth than a c-section. So praying every night for that placenta to pulled out of the way. 
We’ll be living in Chicago all of November, so maybe I will post some of the fun things we do when tourists seem to think it’s too cold to visit. Here’s a secret, November is one of the best times to visit!!! 

Baci e abbracci! 

3 thoughts on “Forgot to post an update on baby Fitz!

  1. Group practice sounds awful! My doctor is private practice as well. And that recovery sounds horrifying! I will be praying for y’all!


  2. C sections terrify me! Are there any other doctors in his practice you could see?

    Also, are y’all petrified to be far away from home so close to your due date?

    What is the plan if you go in to labor while in Chicago?

    Sorry for all the questions! I’ve had a few glasses of wine and this makes me nervous 🙈🙈🙈


    1. I’m having our baby in Chicago bc I refuse to go to a group practice (my dr is private practice) and that’s all there is in Indiana. Indiana hospitals all seem to be a bit behind in comparison to Chicago too (still use a nursery, not all mother-baby nurses are LCs, and all of them I met put me right on the c-section path bc I am “too small” to birth my babies and my labor was soooo long last time🙄). My dr is also one of the best in the US in vaginal reconstruction, and Sebastian took off the entire left side of my labia, tore my urethra and my clitoris. So really I think a caesarean would have been easier than the 6 months it took to heal from that😅 But it is still healthier I for baby to come through the vagina.

      I’m not terrified of a c-section, but the goal would be for the placenta to hopefully move as the uterus stretches. There is no other option with placenta previa (this is when the placenta attached and forms over the cervix) going into labor or the cervix dilating while it’s over can lead to bleeding out. I’d much rather not bleed to death, so if it doesn’t move caesarean will be best for both of us.


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