Mexico City, to go or not to go?

So as Hubby is about to leave us to go to Germany (cue the pregnant lady sobbing uncontrollably for not being able to go with😭😭)  I’m planning our first family vacation with baby Fitz to occupy myself with a fun trip planning as staying stateside while he’s enjoying a dreamy Bavarian autumn has me down in the dumps.  

My first instinct was google places that are warm (and to us that’s 55+) at the end of winter/early spring. I had a few interesting prospects, but the Art Historian in me jumped with excitement at Mexico City popping up. 

I went on to practical and looked at what kind of deals were available, points we could use and difficulty of the trip as it will be our first trip with two boys, ages 2 yrs and 3/4months! 

The best bang for our buck (or points really) was Mexico City. With contenders like Hawaii, it wasn’t too shocking, but the Hilton points we have really stretched in Mexico City! We had more than enough points to cover an entire weeks stay in the historic center. I immediately booked a hotel stay that matched with our entirely covered by points flight options to Mexico City. 

With only having to pay the taxes and fees for the flight and lodging, I was feeling really proud of this totally within budget family vacation I was planning. I am notorious for busting our budget, I thought Hubby would be delighted. Wrong! 

His initial response was, I hope those points are refundable! His first thought of Mexico City was Narcotics and Murders. Given the city’s history I can understand that, but he had no idea of everything the city had to offer. I showed him some tourism sites, he researched crime rates in the tourist areas, and now he’s somewhat comfortable with the idea of the trip. 

I am hoping some of you out there in cyber world have traveled to Mexico City, even better if it was with children, and would want to share your experiences!! So please let me know, how was your trip and would you go to Mexico City in March with a 2 yr old and 4 month old?